How do I subscribe?

Access to unlimited streams of all the songs in the Singing Machine Karaoke App is only a few taps away!

  • Log in to or create a Stingray account
  • Tap on the settings icon in the top right-hand corner of the app
  • Tap on Subscribe Now!
  • Select either a weekly or monthly subscription*
  • Confirm your subscription via Google Play or Apple iTunes

Please note that the Wifi Pedestal Singing Machine (iSM1080, iSM1090, iSM9090) and Hub Singing Machines (iSM9010) must be registered directly from your Singing Machine and not your mobile phone.

For customers who are registering a Singing Machine model SMC2020, SMC2035, or SMC2040, iSM1080, iSM1090, iSM9090, and Hub Singing Machines iSM9010, a special bonus 1-month subscription to the mobile app is included! 

Once you've registered your machine you must continue to "Subscribe" in the app store where your 1st month free will be automatically added.

*Please note, the subscription will automatically renew unless canceled

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