How can I get a file that includes/does not include the lead vocals for my Singing Machine?

We understand that some people want to be the star when singing karaoke with no lead vocals to sing along to, while others prefer the presence of lead vocals as a guide. No matter which type of singer you are - we've got you covered. 

Singing Machines with a USB

Machines that use the MP4 as their file format, use the Mp4 multi-track audio file that includes both the lead vocal and no lead vocal tracks in the same file. You can toggle the lead vocals on and off by pressing the vocal button on your machine.

Machines that use the MP3+G file format, the lead vocal, and no lead vocal versions are available as separate downloadable files in your library. Ensure you are clicking on the version you want when downloading these songs.

Not sure which type of file format your machine uses? Enter your model number in the search field above. The search result will let you know if your model is an MP4 or MP3+G machine.

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